Supplier work/hire work

Thanks to our modern machinery fleet, we are able to manufacture furniture parts with incredible precision.

On request, we can perform for you:


CNC manufacturing

The machining options offered by our machining centres (3-axis and 5-axis) are so vast that they are almost unlimited.  Sawing/grooving in any angle, pocket milling, gluing edges to round edges using PUR glue, etc. We are also able to machine all kinds of materials, from standard wooden panels to the aluminium honeycomb panel, up to a length of 4100 mm.


Edge finishing

If desired, we can finish the edges of your parts with PUR glue and hot-melt glue using our edge gluing machine, up to a height of 80 mm.  


Additional services:

- Gluing of moulded parts using vacuum technology

- Panel cutting: 5800 x 5600 x 120 mm

- All kinds of drilling and milling processes

- Veneering work

- Surface processing (special surfaces)

- …

Feel free to ask us for a no-obligations quote. We would love to work with you!